Browder Bookstore

Dam Roast House & Browder Bookstore

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A Brief History...

Dam Roast House & the Browder Bookstore was once known as Browder's Café.  The cafe was built in 1931 and was the town's first and only restaurant.  Owner Ida Browder was Boulder City's first business woman and was heavily involved in the community.   

Ida Browder along with Elwood Mead (yes, as in Lake Mead) joined forces and persuaded the Library of Congress to loan 3,000 books that would supply Boulder City's first library.  

The Browder Bookstore is named in her honor. 

Ragtown Readers Book Club

When kids read it opens up a whole world of imagination, teaches them values and encourages them to learn and grow! Our goal is for our kiddos to not read because they 'have' to but because they want to! Ragtown Readers Book Club is here to help make reading fun and something for kids to look forward to! Our monthly book subscription is just $11.99 a month!

Our books and activities coordinate with our 3 age groups
Boulder Babies: ages 0-4
Rag Muffins: ages 5-7
Bootleggers: ages 8-10

What you get...
Every 1st Friday of the month you will receive a gift bag with the book of the month for your age group along with a coordinating activity!
The fine print...
$11.99 is automatically withdrawn on the 1st of each month. There is no contract and you may cancel your subscription at any time! You may pick up your bag at Dam Roast House & Browder Bookstore at no cost to you or have it shipped for an additional fee of $5.00.
Kiddos will receive a special surprise in the bag that lands on their birthday month! 

*Makes a great gift for the littles in your life! 

Please fill out the interest form below.  We will send you an email with payment information. Happy Reading!